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Generative AI meets construction: understanding generative scheduling

  Thursday, March 23rd
 10 am PST • 1 pm EST
Alice Rubix Cube


In recent times, generative AI has been gaining worldwide attention as various software providers have empowered curious individuals to create content ranging from blog posts (ChatGPT) to images (Dall-E). This trend has sparked a growing interest in exploring the practical use of generative AI in the construction industry that goes beyond mere content and image generation.

Join us in a live session where we aim to answer the million-dollar question: can generative AI be applied to construction workflows and processes, and if so, how?

Our host, Alex Teplitxky, will dive deeper into the concept of AI-powered generative scheduling and its ability to facilitate optioneering for capital construction projects.

Session Takeaways

  • Outlining what generative scheduling is and how it enables “construction optioneering,” where algorithms rapidly test construction scenarios to explore optimized sequencing and scenario planning for construction projects
  • How generative scheduling elevates the traditional human-led scheduling approach
  • Real-world use cases where optioneering unlocked savings on large and challenging projects
  • Considerations for implementing generative scheduling technology in your current or upcoming capital construction project


Alex Teplitxky Head of Marketing, ALICE Technologies


P.S: ChatGPT helped to generate the summary above. ;)

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